Summer fruit flat lay. Strawberries over pink background
Save Mushy Strawberries With One Simple Hack This Season
By Angel Albring
Submerging your mushy strawberries in ice water is a great way to quickly plump and revive them, and it takes less than 30 minutes.
Fill a bowl with the berries, leaving enough room for ice. Then, place ice cubes on top of the berries and pour water into the bowl so the ice begins to float.
Leave the berries in the ice water for 20 minutes, drain them, gently pat them dry, and enjoy your newly rejuvenated strawberries.
This trick works because the porous strawberries soak up the ice water, becoming plump. However, if they’re too ripe, submerging them in water for too long can make them mushier.
If the ice water trick doesn’t work, you can always cut off the affected parts, freeze the strawberries for smoothies, or make them into a sauce, syrup, jam, or purée.