STREAMWOOD, IL - JANUARY 12:  A shopper stocks up on merchandise at a Sam's Club store on January 12, 2018 in Streamwood, Illinois. The store is one of more 60 sheduled to close nationwide by the end of January.  (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)
Sam's Club Vs. Costco: Who's Winning The Battle For Best Food Court?
By Jim Thompson
Both Costco and Sam's Club have food courts available to help out busy shoppers looking for a quick and easy food option. While non-members of Sam's Club can take advantage of the cafe, you must have a membership to use Costco’s — but you may wonder which food court is best.
Both cafes serve a $1.50 quarter-pound hot dog and fountain drink combo, though Sam's Club recently dropped theirs to $1.38. According to Cheapism, Costco's "juicy and flavorful" version tastes better, while the cheaper Sam's Club pick, though filling, has a rather "dry" bun.
Sam's Club has a longer menu, more pizza options, and a total of 16 fountain drinks, but Redditors don’t think that means Sam’s Club is better. "Costco food court quality is unmatched," one customer said, while another stated that while Sam’s Club's “prices are great, the quality sucks."