raw eggs and whisk
Room Temperature Eggs Are Essential To The Fluffiest Cake Possible
By Crystal Antonace
Contrary to cold eggs, room-temperature eggs are easier to whip, blend better with softened butter, and become homogenous more easily, creating a lump-free, airy batter.
When room-temperature eggs are added to other wet ingredients and vigorously mixed, the air gets trapped inside the cake batter and expands during baking.
According to a trial conducted by America's Test Kitchen, the cake made with tepid eggs proved easier to mix, baked faster, and had a lighter and softer crumb.
Room temperature eggs should be 68 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. If you forgot to leave them out or are worried about bacterial growth, you can use warm water to speed up the process.
Place the cold eggs in a bowl of warm water or run them under the water until the outer shells no longer feel cold. This can take up to an hour since hot water isn’t recommended.