Goat Island Light dressed up for Christmas with a wreath and lights.
Rhode Island Is The Only State With An Official Appetizer
By Angel Albring
States in the U.S. may all be connected, but they differ in many ways. Each state has its own nickname, flag, tree, and other symbols and unique offerings, but only one state on the list has its own official appetizer.
Rhode Island is known as The Ocean State due to its 400 miles of coastline, and in 2014, fried calamari was named as its official appetizer. This decision was made partly to acknowledge the importance that squid has on the economy of Rhode Island, as the state caught nearly 20.5 million pounds of squid in 2020.
The Takeout reports that Rhode Island also has a state beverage, coffee milk, which is milk with coffee syrup, so the state has a lot of pride in its local cuisine and recipes. According to Rhode Island Monthly, other unique foods in the state include cold pizza strips and coffee cabinets — or creamy milkshakes made with coffee.