grilled bone-in pork chops on a black plate with lemon slice and parsley on a wood table with cutlery, vertical view from above
Revive Dry Pork Chops With A Juicy Reheating Technique
By Chase Shustack
If you ever have dry, tough, and flavorless leftover pork chops, there’s only one way you should be reheating them, and that’s by “re-baking” them in cooking liquid or fat.
Pork chops are often baked in the oven with liquid, and this re-heating method follows the same process, re-introducing them to liquids or fats to keep them moist and tender.
To use this method, place your chops in a baking dish close together and add your choice of liquid, such as leftover bacon fat, gravy, or simple store-bought stock.
Add one tablespoon of liquid or fat per pork chop (or more, if needed) before you cover the dish with foil and bake it in a 350-degree oven for 30 minutes.
To replicate this without an oven, set a skillet over medium heat, add your liquid, and let it just reach a simmer before adding the chops and letting them cook covered.