preparing beef for mexican tacos or fajitas
Restaurant Fajita 'Sizzle' Was A Fallacy All Along, And We're Devastated
By Chase Shustack
There are many ways in which restaurants subtly encourage you to spend more money, such as servers and hosts upselling specific things with descriptive and flowery wording. Customers are baffled after TikTok revealed restaurants like Chili's
have been using a trick to "enhance" the
alluring sizzle of their fajitas.
Before presenting the fajita to the customer, restaurants will spray either water or oil onto the hot skillet to increase the sound of the food sizzling. When water or oil is sprayed onto a hot pan, it immediately starts to hiss and pop, giving the dish the appearance of being served sizzling hot right out of the oven.
In the comments of TikTok videos that exposed the secret, many were more surprised rather than genuinely angry. "Fooled me for 34 years. Thank you" wrote one user, while another user was similarly surprised to learn it was all steam and mirrors: "20 years to realize it's not being cooked. Just steam," they wrote.