Grilled pork ribs on the grill chopped on a fork against a fire
Remember The 3-2-1 Rule For Smoking Meat
By Megan Anderson
For those new to smoking meat, the 3-2-1 rule is an easy-to-remember method that helps ensure ribs that are fully and evenly cooked, yet tender and full of flavor.
Start by prepping the ribs and seasoning them to your liking before smoking them for three hours at a low temperature.
Then, remove the ribs and wrap them in aluminum foil or butcher paper. Adding liquid like apple juice, honey, and brown sugar at this stage can make the ribs more tender.
Return the wrapped ribs to the smoker for an additional two hours. Then, unwrap them and slather them in sauce before cooking for one more hour.
Unwrapping the ribs for the final hour reduces the sauce and helps brown the ribs' edges, resulting in a pink ring inside the edges of the meat, which signals well-smoked meat.
Plan ahead to give the ribs enough time to cook, and consider the type of ribs while using this method — it works best for spare ribs, while baby back ribs could be overdone.