Ree Drummond's Secret Weapon For Perfect Homemade Pancake Mix
By Camryn Teder
Celebrity chef Ree Drummond has devoted much of her time to perfecting a recipe for great pancakes. This mission led her to discover a special hack to make the flapjacks you cook up at home just as good as the ones you get in a restaurant.
According to Drummond, don't be impatient when the pancakes are on the hot griddle — wait until bubbles begin to appear all across the top, then flip to reveal the golden tones beneath. Also, whether you like your pancakes thin like crepes or thick like cake, it's tough to get the perfect flavor, but she says the magic is all in the type of flour you use.
After a lot of recipe testing, Drummond decided the only real way to achieve a delicious-tasting batter is to use cake flour instead of all-purpose. According to Southern Living, cake flour has less gluten, so it adds extra fluffiness to your pancakes.