Aldi shop sign with opening hours against blue sky, Martlesham Heath, Suffolk, England, UK. (Photo by: Geography Photos/UCG/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
Reddit Says Aldi's Cauliflower Pizza Is Better Than Most Restaurants
By Taylor Huang
Substituting regular pizza crust for a cauliflower crust can be a divisive subject, but a recent Mashed survey revealed that a quarter of participants believe cauliflower is best used in pizza crust, due to extra fiber and a lower carb count. Aldi shoppers would probably agree, as many claim the chain has the best cauliflower pizza on the market.
A post on a Reddit thread regarding Aldi’s cauliflower pizza reads, "The cheese cauliflower pizza from Aldi is easily one of the most slept on food items they beats out damn near most restaurants in my area!" One Aldi fan commented, "Bought this today bc of this post, was not disappointed!"
Another fan added, "Yeah their cauliflower pizzas are actually amazing!!" It seems like the consensus is largely positive with some people even praising the price, like one person who exclaimed, “Half off at my Aldi!”