An Aldi location showing the Aldi sign and logo
Reddit Is Getting The Biggest Kick Out Of Aldi's Name In Slovenia
By Lauren Farkas
Most shoppers know that Aldi is a discount grocery store brand with locations across North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. What Aldi shoppers may not realize, though, is that in one particular Balkan country, shoppers would be hard-pressed to find a store known as "Aldi."
Readers of the Aldi Reddit thread were surprised to learn that Aldi in Slovenia is not, in fact, "Aldi," after a user posted photos of their visit to a Ljubljana store. Though the store's brand design and interior layout may look more or less the same, the store is called Hofer.
When the Aldi company decided to expand internationally, it started in Austria, purchasing a local grocery chain called Hofer. The original store had high local brand recognition so the name stuck, and today, Austria and its neighboring country Slovenia are the only countries that boast this Aldi name alternative.
Redditors displayed the utmost fascination for Hofer, with one user commenting on the fact that the Slovenian store had an in-store bakery, writing, "I wish we had that fresh bakery section here." They also poked fun at the American flag adorning the packaging of what appears to be hot dog buns.