glass of lager beer
Red Horse Is The Filipino Beer That'll Knock The Wind Out Of You
By Nico Danilovich
Drinking too much Red Horse, a Filipino beer, can knock the wind right out of you with its high alcohol content of around 8% ABV, which is apparently higher in the Philippines.
Red Horse is definitely potent — for reference, most U.S. beers have around 4% ABV — but this deep-gold lager is also smooth yet bitter with a slightly sugary aftertaste.
This fragrant, malty beer from the San Miguel Brewing Company was introduced in 1982 and pairs well with savory and sour flavors, which are common in Filipino cuisine.
It comes in cans that hold up to 500 milliliters of beer and bottles that hold up to 640 milliliters, so imbibers should beware they don’t drink more beer than they can handle.