Air fryer isolated on white background.
Re-Imagine Your Counter Space For Crispier Air Fryer Food
By Chase Shustack
Using only hot air and a fan, air fryers have revolutionized how we prepare our food, but they require plenty of space to be fully taken advantage of.
To help the air circulate, the vents on your air fryer's sides and back must be clear, but they can get blocked when the machine is placed against a wall or other appliances.
Your air fryer needs space on all sides, as blocked vents suffocate the airflow in and out of the machine, resulting in moist or undercooked food.
Blocked vents also hike up the air fryer's internal temperature, which can damage the machine's components and cause it or any surrounding materials to catch fire.
For crispier results, a good rule of thumb is to give each side of your air fryer about five inches of unobstructed space, free from any appliances, walls, or other foodstuffs.