Baked chicken wings with sesame seeds and sweet chili sauce on white wooden board
Ranking The Wings From 12 Pizza Chains
By Trevor Carlson
Many bigger pizza chains feature chicken wings on their menus, but the quality of each can vary greatly, so we’ve ranked them worst to best, starting with Domino’s chicken wings. These wings often fail to have any real crispiness, with one Redditor even going so far as to describe them as being "gelatinous."
12. Domino’s
The main issue with Papa Johns’ chicken wings is their size, as customers tend to complain that they are way too small. While the portions are sadly undersized, they do offer many unique flavor options for them, like honey chipotle, and sauces like spicy Buffalo and blue cheese.
11. Papa Johns
Like their pizzas, Little Caesars offers chicken wings that are prepared ahead of time, boxed up, and ready for takeout. While this is convenient, it does mean that they likely spend time under a heat lamp, which leaves them with a wet and soggy texture — not to mention, they’re on the small side as well.
10. Little Caesars
The general consensus for Godfather’s chicken wings is that they're mostly just mediocre, although some customers have reported them being pretty bland. The good news is that the wings at Godfather's are a decent size, so while they may not be amazing, they also don't suffer from paltry proportions.
9. Godfather’s
Hungry Howie’s has some surprisingly decent chicken wings, with customers reporting that they’re not only large, but also quite tasty. They offer sauces like a tangy Asian-style glaze, barbecue, Buffalo, and a plain chicken option that comes lightly seasoned.
8. Hungry Howie’s