A glass of gin tonic with ice and lemon placed against a green background
Ranking 15 Gin Brands, Worst To Best
By Wendy Hector
15. Gordon's
An affordable London dry gin, Gordon's offers a strong juniper flavor and background notes of spice and citrus, but it lacks the layered complexity of many other gins.
14. Tanqueray
A classic Tanqueray serves an intense juniper-forward flavor and muscular body. Though unsuitable for fancy cocktails, it's great for a strong gin and tonic or a classic gin drink.
13. Bombay
Light and elegant, Bombay has a milder juniper flavor than other gins, and the juniper gets near-equal billing with the citrus and spice botanicals. It’s great for martinis.
12. Fords
Designed for cocktailing ease, Fords shines in varieties of cocktails. Its balanced botanical character stays strong when mixed with other ingredients but doesn't overwhelm them.
11. Beefeater
Beefeater is a classic London dry gin made with nine botanicals, with a focus on juniper and citrus. It provides a textbook flavor profile and good mixability at a modest price.