Bread: Hotdog Bun Isolated on White Background
Ranking 12 Hot Dog Bun Brands From Worst To First
By Trevor Carlson
While Great Value buns are affordable, a lot of customers have reported that these buns fall apart really easily. In addition, the buns are dry and often give the entire hotdog a stale flavor, so saving a few pennies on these buns isn't worth the headache.
12. Great Value White
While whole wheat buns may attract health-conscious consumers, a lot of customers complain that Great Value Whole Wheat hot dog buns are overly doughy. If you're looking for some whole wheat hot dog buns, we'd suggest spending your money on a brand that offers a better texture.
11. GV Whole Wheat
Butternut Hot Dog Buns have a ranking of just over two out of five stars on Walmart's website, and the consensus seems to be that these hot dog buns are way too dry. Customers have also reported that these hot dog buns are also crumbly and often haphazardly sliced.
10. Butternut
The problem with Wonder hot dog buns is that their extreme softness has serious potential for sogginess, so juicier toppings like relish or coleslaw can quickly turn the bread into mush. If you want to load your hot dog up with condiments and toppings, these might not be the best vessel to do so.
9. Wonder
Brioche bread offers a subtle sweetness and a level of tasty complexity that can work wonders on a hot dog. This makes Nature’s Own Brioche buns seem appealing, but there are many complaints about the product, ranging from the buns getting too soggy too easily to the buns also being too dry and stiff.
8. Nature's Own Brioche