Pint Glass of Ginger Ale Soda.
Ranking 12 Ginger Ale Brands From Worst To Best
By Helena Nichols
12. Zevia
The sugar-free ginger ale Zevia is basically undrinkable, as the stevia is so intense it overpowers the ginger flavor.
The stevia gave this drink an initial punch of overwhelming sweetness, followed by what tasted almost like rubbing alcohol.
11. Vernors
Vernors had a strong smell and was unbearably sweet. There is probably ginger in it, but you must fight past the sweetness to get to it.
Even though it advertises itself as “the original ginger soda,” Vernors is a sad shell of its former glory.
10. Red Ribbon
Simply put, this drink is delicious. The brand’s old fashioned method of carbonation creates luscious bubbles that dance on the tongue.
Unfortunately, mint is the predominant flavor in this drink, and while we would happily drink it again, we would not reach for it as a ginger ale or a ginger ale mixer.
9. Canada Dry
Canada Dry is so mellow it would easily get lost as a mixer. We cannot see it doing much in the way of soothing a stomach or adding any ginger flavor.
There is sweetness and some light ginger aftertaste, but we feel like there are better ginger ales out there.
8. Schweppes
Tasting Schweppes and Canada Dry side by side, it is impossible not to notice the similarities, as both offer a mild ginger flavor, pale gold color, and corn syrup aftertaste.
Schweppes wins, however, as the bubbles are more present, and the ginger flavor is slightly more prominent, likely owing to both natural and artificial flavors.