Closed tin can with SPAM over white background
Puncture Your Can Of Spam For Easier Removal, Every Time
By Chase Shustack
Getting Spam out of the can is difficult, but wriggling your knife between the meat and the tin to loosen it will likely cause the Spam to break up into wet pink clumps. Instead, you should use the knife to break a hole in the can.
Before opening the can, poke a hole in the bottom of it with your knife, and then open it to watch the Spam fall out in one solid piece. Spam is vacuum-sealed inside the can, and an enormous amount of pressure keeps it firmly in place, so poking a hole in the tin helps some of that pressure to escape, loosening the Spam inside.
According to Made How, both the can and the Spam are "vacuum-sealed" to prevent the meat from losing too much of its juices and ensure freshness. After all, the only thing worse than a broken brick of Spam would almost certainly be a dry, flavorless bite of Spam.