Mooresville, NC, USA-June 19, 2019: Publix Food & Pharmacy building and busy parking lot. Vertical image.
Publix Has A Cooking School For Amateur Chefs
By Chase Shustack
Publix offers many unique perks to customers, including teaching novice chefs a thing or two. The supermarket chain even has its own cooking class that's open to anyone.
In certain Publix stores, there’s a kiosk called the "Apron Cooking School," where a professional chef demonstrates techniques and methods to prepare a recipe while you watch.
The chef showcases how to prepare the recipe step-by-step, and each ingredient is available directly at the kiosk, along with "recipe of the day" cards.
The Apron Cooking School isn't available at all Publix stores, but most classes are available in stores across Florida, with a few being offered in Georgia, Alabama, and Virginia.
If your local store doesn't have this available, there is an Apron Cooking School online as well, featuring a rotating cast of chefs.