Gros plan sur des oeufs d'esturgeon, caviar, gastronomie de luxe. (Photo by Francois LOCHON/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)
Professional Chefs Do Not Approve Of The Caviar On Doritos Trend
By Juliet Kahn
The latest food trend blowing TikTokers’ minds away and irking professional chefs is the unique culinary pairing between the opulent-tasting caviar and the tortilla chip brand Doritos. This trend was made popular by Tik-Toker Danielle Zaslavsky when she posted a video of her and her companion downing multiple Dorito chips topped with the renowned Kaluga Imperial Gold caviar.
When the Washington Post asked several celebrated chefs for their thoughts on the pairing, they replied with firm disapproval. “It’s salt on salt,” Eric Ripert, owner of New York’s Le Bernardin, remarked. “What a waste,” Robert Wiedmaier of Washington D.C.’s Marcel’s concurred. “When I’m eating caviar, I want to taste the caviar, not the chemicals or whatever they put on those chips.”
However, Bonnie Morales, owner of Portland’s refined Russian restaurant Kachka, has been offering Cool Ranch Doritos topped with French onion dip and caviar since 2018. Though she refers to herself as a “caviar purist,” she appreciates the whimsy of the oddball pairing and sees it as an excellent entry point for those who’d like to give the luxurious edible a try.