Round Tube  of crisps pringles on plain background - not isolated
Pringles Gives A Glimpse Of Meghan Trainor As The Star Of Its 2023 Super Bowl Ad
By Julia Mullaney
The 2023 Super Bowl is right around the corner, and major corporations have been working all year to prepare the ads that will impress viewers the most. To create buzz for its Super Bowl commercial, Pringles recently released a sneak peek at what fans can expect for its time slot, and Meghan Trainor is the star of its show.
Pringles posted a 2023 Super Bowl ad preview to YouTube showing Trainor getting her hand stuck in the container when she grabs the last chip. The commercial ends with Trainor shaking the container to no avail, then uttering, "Uh, oh," as we're left waiting for Super Bowl Sunday to learn what happens next.
Trainor's ad isn't the first time the company has played up its container shape in a commercial, as in its 2022 ad, Pringles featured a guy sharing his whole life story with a Pringles container permanently stuck on his hand. In its 2021 commercial, Pringles took a different route by highlighting all the ways to "stack" different Pringles flavors for the ultimate combination.