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Portugal Is The No. 1 Least Expensive Wine Country
By Cristine Struble
When it comes to wine, there's a fair amount of enthusiasts who prefer to overspend on a good bottle, but this extra cost won't be necessary when it comes to one country in the Iberian Peninsula. Per research from Compare My Jet, Portugal is the least expensive country to purchase wine, with some bottles even costing less than a Starbucks order. 
While Iceland is the most expensive country to purchase wine in, Portugal pours bottles that cost the least, as Food and Wine reported that the average cost per bottle is $4.30 in Portugal. Portugal's wine country has been praised for its robust varieties that showcase the terroir's influence, including celebrated port wine, nuanced flavors from Douro wines, or the easily pairable Bairrada wine.
Vinho Verde is a bright and refreshing Portuguese white wine that feels like a beach escape thanks to its low alcohol, acidity qualities, and zesty flavor, and it also complements a fair amount of food. No matter which kind of wine you lean towards, Portugal will surely have whatever you're looking for at a great price.