Healthy and tasty pickled green tomatoes with mustard and vinegar. Pickling green tomatoes at home.
Pickled Green Tomatoes Are The Little-Known Condiment Perfect For Summertime
By Heather Newman
Pickled green tomatoes are everything you want your summer to be: bright, tart, fun, and exciting.
Green tomatoes have a sour taste and are fleshier and firmer than red tomatoes. The texture is excellent for pickling as it holds up without softening, delivering a nice crunch.
Green tomatoes have a mild flavor, making them perfect for a garlic and dill seasoning. You can also play with the brine or add spices like red pepper flakes or curry powder.
For delicious garlic dill tomatoes, you'll need dill, black pepper, bay leaf, and garlic to add to your standard brining solution of salt, water, and vinegar.
Pickled green tomatoes work great as a condiment, offering a flash of flavor to summer favorites like hamburgers and hotdogs, like a freshly updated relish.
Pickled green tomatoes also work well in fried chicken sandwiches and salsa verde for taco night, or try them in a Bloody Mary for an exciting twist.