Elegantly decorated white cake with a white rose, gold leaves, and small pink roses
Parchment Paper Is The Secret Hack For Becoming A Cake Decorating Pro
By Kelly Douglas
One of the best skills to master as an up-and-coming baker is a buttercream transfer. Using parchment paper can make this trick easier and leave your cakes looking stunning.
Sketch your design onto parchment paper, and use buttercream to "fill in" your design. Freeze until firm, then press the paper with the buttercream side down onto the cake.
You can do this with any type of design — even tracing a photo onto parchment paper and filling it in with the buttercream works beautifully.
Before frosting, Barefoot Contessa Ina Garten cuts parchment paper into triangles, sliding each one under the cake so you can pull them back out after decorating.
When you frost your cake, the edges will be completely pristine, and you'll also avoid the awkward mess of hoisting an already-frosted cake onto your cake stand for display.