Panda Express Wants You To Make Kung Pao Chicken Quesadillas
By Brianna Corley
Panda Express' Kung Pao chicken is a "Szechwan-inspired" eat that features chicken, peanuts, vegetables, and chili peppers. The extra greens and delicious flavor make it the perfect ingredient for a low-effort batch of chicken quesadillas.
According to a post on Panda Express’ Instagram, you can make simple Kung Pao chicken quesadillas with shredded cheese, Kung Pao chicken, and tortillas. First, you'll need to heat up those wraps one at a time, though you can always fry your tortillas with a little oil if you prefer them browned.
After your tortilla is nice and hot, you can then divide out the Kung Pao chicken and cheese into the wrap and close it. This isn’t the only Panda Express item you can use to make quesadillas either, as their orange chicken makes for a delicious filling too.