A bull moose wanders across the fall colored tundra of Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska.
One Swedish Farm Produces A Rare Moose Milk Cheese, But At A Cost
By Heidi Chaya
In Russia and Sweden, moose cheese is a thing — though moose may be referred to as elk there, which are different from North American elk, Britannica says. It's the most expensive cheese behind the donkey milk cheese Pule (per Insider) for very special reasons, produced by a very special farm.
The only place in the world that makes moose milk cheese is Älgens Hus (Elk House) in Bjurholm, Sweden, and moose produce limited amounts of milk daily, lactating only in a five-month window. Moose milking requires an even temperament and expertise since moose can reach up to 1,300 pounds and have been known to be aggressive and even deadly.
Moose cheese comes in four varieties: white mold, creamy blue, dried blue, and feta, and has a "smooth, deep and broad taste" (per Q97.9 via Elk House) but you'll be hard-pressed to find it, since Elk House is temporarily closed as of January 2023. You're more likely to encounter moose milk, which is fatty and nutritious with compounds used to treat digestive problems.