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One Secret In-N-Out Ordering Trick Had To Be Banned
By David Tran
One secret ordering trick at In-N-Out that used to fly under the radar was the medium-rare burger, but unfortunately, the burger franchise has banned it.
On Facebook, In-N-Out explained that "because of a change in state law, we are no longer able to serve medium rare meat patties at any of our locations."
Per a 2018 California law, any retail or food establishment serving undercooked meat must inform consumers of "the significantly increased risk of consuming those foods."
A Reddit user claiming to be an In-N-Out shift manager commented on a post, alleging that In-N-Out "refuses" to put the risk warning on its menu and stopped offering them.
In-N-Out isn't the only fast food establishment not to offer medium-rare burgers. Shake Shack only serves medium-well burgers, and McDonald's patties must be 156 degrees F.