White and whole grain bread on wooden chopping board. Selective focus
One Restaurant Makes Bread And Butter The Main Event
By Chase Shustack
At Quality Bistro in Manhattan, bread and butter isn't just something to hold customers over until their meal arrives. Instead, it's a tableside Butter Service Garni.
Their butter service is a cross between a charcuterie board and a dessert cart, piled with everything from meats, nuts, and vegetables to a gigantic crock full of butter.
As a part of the $28 Butter Service Garni, a cart is wheeled to your table, where the waiter serves you a marble platter of butter scooped fresh from a gigantic, overflowing crock.
Radishes, leeks, jambon cuit, chorizo, honey, almonds, smoked paprika, and cornichons are included in a full-course event showcasing an elevated form of bread and butter.
Michael Stillman, the owner of the Quality brand, explains that the flamboyant show takes inspiration from cheese services traditionally observed in Parisian restaurants.