Strawberries in white bowl
One Pleasantly Aromatic Strawberry Should Be On Your Radar
By Elaina Friedman
Strawberries come in countless varieties. While the most common one in the United States is the garden strawberry, the Rosa Linda variety is known for its sweet aroma.
The Rosa Linda, or "pretty rose" in Spanish, was developed in 1990 as a hybrid of the Sweet Charlie and Oso Grande varieties and is named for its bursting "pleasant rose aroma."
On a scale of 1-15, a panel of 12 judges gave the Rosa Linda strawberry a 10.7 for color uniformity, an 8.4 for flavor intensity, a 7.7 for sweetness, and an 8.8 for firmness.
The Rosa Linda is most abundant in Florida, but thanks to patenting obtained in the late 1990s, the cultivar is sold throughout the United States and beyond.