One Jakarta Restaurant's 'Death Noodles' Boast A Scoville Rating Of
20 Million
By Haldan Kirsch
The Scoville scale measures the heat of peppers, from the bell pepper, which measures around zero units, to the Carolina reaper, which measures 2 million units. However, there is a restaurant in Jakarta, Indonesia, that serves a dish called “death noodles,” which obliterates the Scoville scale.
This dangerously spicy offering comes from a small restaurant called Abang Adek. The noodles themselves are nothing special, as they are made with a popular and common instant noodle in Indonesia called Indomie, but the secret to the spice is the 100 or more bird's eye chilies that get ground up and added to the noodles.
When that many peppers are combined into a single bowl, the Scoville measurement is actually close to 20 million. Vice claims these noodles are so hot that they made one food blogger temporarily lose their hearing for two minutes, alongside profuse sweating, and they desperately tried to use water and a milkshake to ease the burn.