Mashed avocado and roasted tomato on bread. Healthy breakfast or snack toast
One Extra Ingredient Will Help You Get The Creamiest Avocado Toast
By Heather Newman
Avocado toast is one of the most popular brunch dishes, and you can elevate this meal by adding one simple and creamy ingredient: hummus.
Not only does hummus provide an extra protein boost to avocado toast, but it also brings a tasty flavor and creamy texture to the dish that still allows the avocado to shine.
After toasting a hefty piece of bread, spread a healthy amount of hummus on each slice and add a layer of avocado slices. If you want, top it with seasonings, eggs, or vegetables.
You can also opt for an avocado mash by adding a squeeze of lemon to your seasonings in the avocado for the perfect low-effort guacamole flavor.