Olive Garden restaurant sign
Olive Garden Does Actually Bake Its Own Breadsticks, Kind Of
By Stacie Adams
Although Olive Garden's breadsticks are iconic, they might not be freshly baked. One Reddit user questioned whether the chain's breadsticks are frozen and reheated before serving.
One response states that the breadsticks are not frozen but instead pre-baked by a bakery with which Olive Garden has established a working relationship.
After being made, the breadsticks are transported to Olive Garden locations and stored. When a customer orders them, they are baked for three minutes.
Once removed from the oven, the breadsticks are also liberally coated with butter and seasoned with a special blend of garlic salt concocted by the restaurant chain.
While the baking method can vary depending on the location, the breadsticks are a buttery masterpiece that many consider the highlight of the Olive Garden experience.