Jar of Nutella against a white background
Nutella's Unique Jar Is Partly Why It's So Successful
By Alexis Montoya
Nutella is addictive due to its pleasure-inducing ingredients (read: lots of sugar, fat, and chocolate) that make for a scientifically backed irresistible treat. Combining hazelnuts, chocolate, and sugar should be enough to convince anyone of Nutella's success, but the recipe isn't the only reason why the spread is so successful.
According to Delish, the iconic Nutella jar known as the "Pelikan" was inspired by an old-fashioned inkwell. Unlike taller, narrower jars and cans, this wide-mouth shape allows you to easily scrape out every nook and cranny of the container without trapping your hand inside — but this functionality isn't its only purpose.
Ferrero suspected that other manufacturers would try to capitalize on Nutella's success, so its unique jar would differentiate it from any competitors. "Consumer Culture" author Roberta Sassatelli told BBC that the glass jar's shape has a "traditional and luxurious" appearance, while its plastic cap signifies the "modern, cheap and functional" product inside.