A stack of grilled cheese sandwiches with apples
Now You Can Eat Grilled Cheese As A Dessert
By Heather Newman
Apple pie and cheddar go well together and are the key to your next great grilled cheese, as the gooey thick layers of cheese and cinnamon-flavored apples make a tasty contrast.
Start by slicing up crisp, tart apples into thin pieces, and cook them in a pan with cinnamon, brown sugar, and butter until they are soft and fragrant.
Once you have your apples ready, remove them from the heat and prepare your grilled cheese as usual, adding a layer of fruit next to the cheese, but don’t overfill the sandwich.
Topping apple pie with cheddar dates back to 17th-century England, and it’s popular in parts of the US today. This sandwich will provide those same sweet and savory flavors.