Sea Salt French Fries with Ketchup  - Photographed on Hasselblad H3D2-39mb Camera
Nigella Lawson's Easy Hack For Crispy At-Home French Fries
By Gregory Lovvorn
Considered by many to be the queen of home cooks, Nigella Lawson is recognized around the world as a leading authority on food. Her kitchen hacks have almost reached legendary status, and this method of frying french fries only reinforces her reputation.
The gist of cooking these fries is that you put your cut potatoes into the oil while it is still cold, and then bring the oil up to a boil over a high flame. This comes as an advantage because you can avoid splattering hot oil on your stove and hands.
Lawson says to refrain from stirring the potatoes for 15 minutes after they begin to fry and to keep the temperature of your oil between 300 and 350 degrees Fahrenheit. After the first 15 minutes of cooking, gently stir your potatoes occasionally and cook them to a golden brown.