Nigella Lawson seated
Nigella Lawson Solved Ina Garten's Years-Long Chicken Conundrum
By Lorien Crow
Over the years, "The Barefoot Contessa," Ina Garten, has become a chicken expert, preparing it dozens of different ways and offering advice online, on television, and in her 13 best-selling cookbooks. It was both surprising and refreshing when she admitted to struggling with a classic recipe — and taking advice from fellow celebrity chef Nigella Lawson.
In the recipe notes of her "Chicken In a Pot with Orzo,” Garten talks about trying to get the dish exactly right for years and winding up with chicken soup instead of a heartier, one-pot meal. She followed the tip in Lawson's cookbook "Cook, Eat, Repeat" to brown the chicken, and she then added leeks, carrots, celery, parsnips, and herbs to create a savory broth.
Garten said the extra step "adds lots of flavor," and that Lawson also advised to "add orzo to thicken the broth." It’s reassuring for home cooks to see that even the most accomplished chefs still need advice once in a while — and this time, in particular, is completely in line with Garten's homey and welcoming cooking style and demeanor.