Auckland, New Zealand - November 22, 2018: A McDonald's sign in Auckland Strand Street.
New Zealand McDonald's Big Brekkie Burger Is Breakfast Without The Fork
By Brianna Corley
Fast food behemoth McDonald's may have been founded on burger flipping, but it was also the first-ever fast food chain to sell a quick and cheap breakfast. Many foodies agree that their breakfast menu can't be beat, but they may not know that the U.S. has been missing out on a showstopper of an item: the Big Brekkie Burger.
Found on New Zealand’s McDonald's breakfast menu, the Big Brekkie Burger has eggs, cheese, and a hash brown on top of a beef patty smothered with BBQ sauce. This is all then forced between two sesame seed buns, making it a no-fork-required breakfast, and it all adds up to a filling 796 calories.
However, while The Recipe reports the Big Brekkie Burger has quickly become a Kiwi Micky D's classic, it actually first appeared in 2018 on Australia's McDonald's (or 'Macca') menus and migrated to New Zealand that same year. Sadly, no other McDonald's chains in the world sell what's essentially a five-course breakfast in burger form.