concept image using USA currency and fresh eggs for the price of eggs in 2023
New Data Shows Food Prices Are Slowly Dropping, Including Eggs
By Nick Johnson
2022 was an objectively terrible year for shoppers, as the cost of food rose by an average of just under 10%. One of the most obvious signs of inflation was the cost of eggs, with consumers paying 70% more for eggs than they were prior to 2022; thankfully, recent information suggests that the prices of some foods have finally begun to go down, including eggs.
The country’s current economic situation is unlikely to abate any time soon, but the price of certain goods have seen a small reduction in cost. On average, the price of items including red meat and poultry fell by 0.1% in February 2023, while eggs would have cost you 6.7% less than they would have in the previous month, meaning their price is slowly falling.
Unfortunately, many of the foods that you might enjoy alongside your eggs haven't seen the same economic upturn. Nonalcoholic drinks cost 1% more, the price of cereal and breakfast breads went up by 0.3%, dairy rose 0.1%, and if you want a piece of fresh fruit, you’ll need to contend with a 0.2% increase.