Skewered hotdogs in front of a flaming grill
Never Individually Flip Hot Dogs Again With A Simple Grilling Hack
By Cristine Struble
One of the most popular ways to cook hot dogs is to grill them, and to prevent them from rolling around and potentially falling through the grate, try skewering them.
Use two skewers to pierce the hot dog, which allows easy rotation, making it easier to ensure that the hot dog cooks evenly all around.
Make sure that the hole you poke in the hot dog is even and the skewer is an appropriate size, or else you risk the hot dog coming loose while cooking, defeating the whole purpose.
If you use metal skewers, use caution when they come into contact with hot surfaces. If you opt for wooden skewers, soak them in water before hitting the flame.
Too many stacked hot dogs can be cumbersome to flip. Since this method is about convenience and simplicity, thoughtfulness is advised every step of the way.