Baking ingredients for cake against a beige background
Need A Vegan Baking Substitute For Eggs? Try Soda Water
By Stacie Adams
For vegans, finding replacements for common baking ingredients is often challenging, and eggs can be especially difficult to replace. In baking, eggs can be used to add stability, make batters thicker, allow ingredients to merge, and even help with leavening when whipped into a frenzy, but luckily for vegan bakers, there's an ingredient that can mimic these effects: soda water.
Soda water can be effective if you want that light, fluffy texture that's so crave-worthy in a cake batter — its bubbles hold air inside the mix in the same way that whipping egg whites infuses cake batter with air, and it also doesn't alter the recipe's taste. For the best results, use ¼ of a cup of seltzer for every egg called for in the recipe.
There are vegan alternatives for other baking ingredients, too. Agave and maple syrup can replace honey (though maple will impart earthier flavors into recipes), different types of plant-based oils can be substitutes for butter, and different varieties of non-dairy milk products such as oat, almond, soy, and coconut can easily replace milk.