top view of muscovado sugar
Muscovado Sugar Is An Absolute Flavor Step-Up From Standard Brown Sugar
By Grace Allison
Muscovado sugar, also called Barbados sugar, was first made in the 1800s in the West Indies. It looks like a darker and moister version of brown sugar, with more earthy flavors.
Muscovado is unprocessed raw sugar, contributing to its stickiness and earthy taste. Brown sugar is processed white sugar with added molasses.
It's less refined and contains ⅓ molasses, compared to brown sugar at ⅙ molasses. This contributes to its color, moisture content, and toffee, caramel, and smoky flavor notes.
Since muscovado adds another dimension of flavor, it works well in barbecue sauce and glazes, adding a sweet caramel flavor to meats.
It's also a great choice for baking as it can amp up the richness of cookies and other baked goods. Be sure to adjust the dry ingredients in the recipe to account for its moisture.