Can of spam on yellow background
Monty Python Turned Spam Into A Pop Culture Legend
By Wendy Gould
Spam has ascended to the heights of popular culture in Britain, which can be attributed in full to a single absurdist skit by British comedy collective Monty Python.
In the famous skit, which you can watch on Dailymotion, the late Terry Jones plays a waitress at a diner yelling the restaurant’s menu to a husband and wife.
As the waitress continues reading the menu aloud, the audience realizes the joke—every single dish on this diner's menu contains Spam.
Just when it seems like Spam has been said as many times as is physically possible, a group
of Vikings begins singing an operatic Spam chorus.
Monty Python's absurdist Spam sketch is uproariously funny and transformed Spam into a veritable supermarket legend.