Smoked Meat Sandwich- Photographed on Hasselblad H3D2-39mb Camera
Montreal Smoked Meat Is The Love Child Of Pastrami And Corned Beef
By Nico Danilovich
Smoked meat is but one reason among a handful of reasons to love Montreal. What makes a dish from one particular metropolis so special? The answer lies with its two immediate ancestors: pastrami and corned beef.
Like pastrami and corned beef, Montreal smoked meat is similarly dry-cured and brined, but it is smoked for longer than pastrami. Specifically made from brisket, its smoky and fatty flavor shines on through, whether it's served cold, as a steamy entrée, or within a warm sandwich.
Montreal smoked meat is the result of Jewish people emigrating from Eastern Europe and immigrating to Canada. The earliest recorded purveyor of the dish seems to have been Aaron Sanft, who opened up Montreal's first kosher butcher shop.
When ordering a Montreal smoked meat sandwich, you can expect it to be piled high on rye bread, smeared in yellow mustard, and topped with pickles. These sandwiches are sold not only in delis, but also at chain restaurants, corner diners, and fine-dining establishments, thus giving poutine and smokies a run for their money in terms of regional pride.