Beetroot Burger (Beetroot, brown rice, kidney beans, cumin, coriander, goaté??s cheese) from Beef & Liberty at Wing Fung Street in Wan Chai. 04MAY17 SCMP / Lauren James  [2017 FEATURES Veggie Burger] (Photo by Lauren James/South China Morning Post via Getty Images)
Miso Paste Is The Key To Preventing Veggie Burger Wreckage
By Haldan Kirsch
Making a veggie burger patty is not an easy skill to master because vegetables hold a lot of moisture and mashing them together creates steam and undesirable water, which will get in between you and a delicious, crispy burger. However, the key to creating a sturdy veggie patty is to use miso paste as your binding agent.
Not only will the sticky paste help all of your patties survive the cooking process, but miso's umami-heavy richness will add to the flavor of the patties as well. Once you've ground your main ingredients in a food processor, simply add the miso paste, and give it a quick mix until it starts to come together.
From there you should have no trouble forming them into patties ready for the grill. It should be noted that miso is known to be fairly salty by most people's tastes, so it will probably be best to skip the salt when assembling the patties.