Cup of coffee with croissants on the table.
Milk Powder Is The Underrated Coffee Addition You've Been Needing
By Laura Zbinden
Coffee lovers often use a liquid creamer to lighten or sweeten their coffees, but it only lasts around two weeks in the fridge once opened. Milk powder can solve this issue.
Powdered milk will solve this problem because it has a long shelf life and can be stored in the pantry, saving some much-needed fridge space.
Compared to liquid and dry creamers, powdered milk is lower in sugar and is the overall healthier choice. It contains a good amount of protein, calcium, and vitamins B12 and D.
Sometimes milk powder doesn't dissolve properly, so to avoid gritty coffee, mix it directly into the grounds in your machine or add it to your cup before pouring in the coffee.
According to Vermont coffee roasting company Brown Jenkins, 1 tablespoon of powdered milk should suffice for 1 cup of brewed coffee.