McDonald's Golden Arches sign.
McDonald's Still Really Sells Spaghetti (But There's A Catch)
By Kalea Martin
While it was available in the 1980s and '90s, the McSpaghetti was never on McDonald's permanent menu, but you can still order it in the Philippines and at one location in Orlando.
In 2017, the Orlando, Florida, McDonald's, known as "Epic McD," offered build-your-own versions of the McPizza and McSpaghetti available well after being nationally discontinued.
Not all McDonald's locations are run by McDonald's corporate, and some, including the Orlando one, are operated by franchisees who can decide what to put on the menu.
In the Philippines, the McSpaghetti was introduced to the menu in 1986, around the same time it launched in the U.S., except the recipe was for Filipino spaghetti, not Italian.
The dish is made with a sweeter "Bolognese" sauce consisting of banana ketchup and hot dogs. At McDonald's, it's also served with fried chicken.
McDonald's Philippines decided to release McSpaghetti to keep up with its competition, the Filipino fast food chain Jollibee which also sold spaghetti.