Jar of mayonnaise with vegetable and sausage on white background
Mayo Is The Unexpected Butter Substitute You Need To Try
By Nick Johnson
Often, you'll find it difficult to ensure that your cooking fat of choice adheres to its surface, but mayo could be the solution to this problem. For those riding the mayo train, here's a cooking hack that you can use in a wide variety of dishes to bring them to the next level.
Mayonnaise is an emulsion of oil in egg yolk, resulting in a thick spread that can be generously applied to your food. When mayo is introduced to heat, the eggs act as a semi-porous barrier which allows the oil to escape slowly, giving your dish a more consistent cook and helping your food retain moisture.
Mayo is perfect when making a grilled cheese sandwich because it has a higher smoke point than butter, meaning it is less likely to burn. According to The New York Times, mayonnaise also allows meat to remain moist while developing a perfect sear, proven by celebrity chef Alton Brown when he uploaded pictures of a steak cooking in mayo on Instagram.