MIAMI BEACH, FL - NOVEMBER 30: Martha Stewart attends DesignMiami/ on November 30th, 2022 in Miami Beach Florida. (Photo by Manny Hernandez/Getty Images)
Martha Stewart Thinks This Is How You Should Be Eating A Soufflé
By Juliet Kahn
Martha Stewart has recently joined the legions of celebrities, influencers, and professional personalities on TikTok, and her approach to food and cooking has proved to be a natural fit. One of her most interesting food-centric videos involves a famously complicated but realistically simple dish.
In a recent TikTok, Stewart reveals what she believes to be a crucial final step in enjoying a delicious soufflé. She demonstrates her trick on a sumptuous-looking soufflé from the Polo Lounge by cutting a small hole in the top of the dish, through which she then pours créme anglaise.
Stewart then adds a decadent dollop of whipped cream, making the confection even more delicious, which she proves by taking a heaping bite. The créme anglaise and whipped cream pair divinely with the airiness of the soufflé, so even if you don't finish your soufflés in this manner, taking the time to try it at least once is undoubtedly worth it.