Martha Stewart attends the Hudson River Park Friends 2022 Gala
Martha Stewart Elevates Her Pound Cake With Brandy, And So Should You
By Missy Boylan
When used as an ingredient in baked goods, booze can add flavors and complexity that can take a recipe from traditional to innovative. Celebrity home and lifestyle entrepreneur Martha Stewart apparently agrees, having shared a new lemon and Armagnac-infused pound cake she made for Andrew Yu’s birthday luncheon in a recent Instagram post.
There isn't a recipe for the specific pound cake on her website, but with a little creativity, you can adapt Stewart's recipes for Glazed Lemon Pound Cake and Lemon Bundt Cake, which are similar to the Instagrammed invention. If you do incorporate booze, remember to start small so you don't overwhelm the flavor of your dessert.
Alcohol can add flavor and texture, change consistency, and boost flavor in cakes, pies, and other baked goods. Dessert recipes often incorporate liquor in two ways: adding alcohol prior to baking, which usually results in more subtle notes, or adding it after baking in a glaze or icing, for a more prominent, on-the-nose flavor. Stewart seems to have done both in her recent cake.