A variety of canned beans with the lids removed.
Marinate Your Canned Beans For A Foolproof Flavor Upgrade
By Allie Sivak
Canned beans are a great ingredient for a variety of dishes, but when cooking them grows tiresome, toss them in a marinade to bring a layer of flavor without any hassle.
Soaking beans in a flavorful dressing in the fridge can infuse them with the flavor of the oils and spices they're in and turn them tender and soft.
Making a marinade can be as simple as opening a can of beans, draining and rinsing them, and tossing them in your favorite store-bought or homemade Italian vinaigrette.
To make your own dressing, you'll need a flavorful oil, acid, your desired herbs and seasonings, and a fat component to provide moisture, juiciness, and flavor.
Olive oil is great for a marinade because of its flavor and low smoke point. You can use a variety of unrefined oils as long as they don't solidify in cold temperatures.
The acid in the marinade brightens flavors and breaks down proteins, softening the bean's skin. You can use a lemon, other citrus like grapefruit or orange, or any vinegar variety.
You can infuse your oil by cooking it with spices on the stovetop or simply mix it with the spices and acid like a vinaigrette.
Add your canned beans to the marinade and coat them fully, then let them marinate for at least thirty minutes or in the fridge for up to three days.
Choose flavor pairings that suit the flavor of any legume — white beans are relatively mild and have a soft texture, so they work particularly well dressed in most vinaigrettes.
To accentuate the earthy flavor of black or kidney beans without cooking them, soak them in a mixture of olive oil, lemon juice, cumin, paprika, and salt.