Salami Rose on a Charcuterie Platter
Make Your Own Valentine's Day Charcuterie Roses With Nothing But A Champagne Flute
By Chase Shustac
While a box of chocolates is a classic choice on Valentine’s Day, consider making a charcuterie board filled with various cheeses, meats, fruits, and nuts. These are great for someone who isn't a fan of sweets and perfect for couples who want a light meal in the privacy of their home — plus, you can add a bit of romantic flair by easily making "salami roses."
To make a charcuterie rose, take a slice of pepperoni, salami, or other thin-sliced meat and drape it over the rim of a champagne flute, then fold it down, letting the meat remain both inside and outside the glass. Repeat until the entire edge is draped in meat, and refrigerate until the ring of meat sticks together.
When finished, slide the meat ring off the glass, and it should resemble a blooming rose in shape — if you want your "rose" to be bigger, overlap more pieces of salami or pepperoni onto the first layer. Per Sargento, a similar method can be used to make roses with very thin slices of cheese, but it requires a bit more careful placement and folding.